Five Reasons We REALLY Love Modcloth

Never heard of the retail experience that is Well, then you must head to the site right this very minute. Go on now, we’ll wait…… As you can see, there’s many reasons to love Modcloth (their amazing pictorials is just one reason). As big fans of the site, we’ve come up with five of our own.

1. They have an awesome clearance section with items 25% off or more.

2. This amazing dress.

3. Free Shipping on orders of $75 or more

4. Modcloth’s “You Be the Buyer” program that let’s you vote on what items they’ll sell on the site.

5. The vintage section, which sells amazing vintage apparel and accessories at prices that put eBay to shame.


Our Top Dress Picks:

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  1. says


    Thanks so much for the nice write up about us!! We owe a lot of our success to bloggers like you!! So thank you!!

    Cindy, we’re working on extending our sizes!! We recently launched a few items with additional sizing! :) It is something we’re continuously working on!

    Aire @ModCloth

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