Five Inexpensive Foodie Gifts

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to buckle down and get shopping. While I don’t love to shop, I do enjoy buying gifts that are inexpensive, thoughtful and appropriate for the recipient. Nothing is worse than receiving a gift that you don’t want, or that you suspect might have been a regifted item.

Following are five great and inexpensive gift ideas for the foodie in your life:

1. A bottle of wine. Preferably a wine that’s local to your region (perhaps that of a vineyard you have visited) and that would be meaningful to the recipient.

2. A potted herb garden. Now that the ground is beginning to freeze in colder areas, most herb gardens have wilted or frozen from the cold temperatures. A potted indoor herb garden can be kept on a sunny windowsill and enjoyed throughout the colder months. Check out this Herb Grow Stand for $13.49 on

3. Gourmet foods.
A little bit goes a long way for these treats. Prosciutto, a wedge of really good cheese, olive oil and chocolate are all great choices, and items that might be a splurge item for the recipient. Most larger grocery stores are now carrying gourmet olive oils and cheeses, or try Whole Foods or Cooking.comGodiva makes excellent chocolate, and Hershey’s has recently introduced some delicious chocolates in its Cacao Reserve line (available at Target, Wal-Mart, etc.)

4. Cooking lessons. Many smaller kitchen supply stores, restaurants and community colleges offer cooking lessons in the evening.

5. Gift cards. Again, always a great gift in any denomination. Stores like Macy’s or Target have great kitchen items for the cook on a budget.

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