Five Great iPhone Applications to Help You Get Green

Five Great iPhone Applications to Help You Get Green

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Looking for a way to make that iPhone you received for the holidays a little more green? Peruse our list of five great iPhone applications that will get you recycling, eating locally, tracking your carbon footprint and more. Who knew technology could be so Earth-friendly?

1.’s free app for iPhone and iPod Touch, iRecycle makes it easy to find recycling locations anywhere in the U.S. Find places to drop-off your old cell phone (or water bottle or motor oil or… well, you get the idea), get directions and find out what else they accept. iRecycle also provides information on local green events in your area and the newest stories and features on

2. Trees Near You – While this free app is currently only applicable in NYC, we think the idea is so cool, we’re hoping it becomes widely available! Using street tree census data publicly released by the city government, Brett Camper created this app for New York City’s BigApps competition. Using the iPhone’s GPS, the app will identify trees surrounding you and give you not only information about the tree (trunk size, species, etc), but also environmental (and monetary!) benefits that these trees provide.

3. Locavore –The Locavore iPhone app, which costs $2.99, will come in handy next time you’re at the market and want to know what’s actually being grown near you and is most likely to taste the best right now. Search a particular food and find out how long until it’s in season near you or search for local farms and farmers’ markets. This app also lets you connect to Facebook and post your local food finds to your wall.

4. Carbon Tracker – Manage your personal carbon footprint from commuting, vacations, or business trips with the free Carbon Tracker iPhone app. Use the iPhone GPS feature to determine the approximate distance of each leg of your trip, select the mode of transportation, and Carbon Tracker will calculate your carbon footprint. And while you’re thinking of resolutions, use this app to set monthly maximum footprint goals.

5. GoodGuide – The GoodGuide iPhone app helps you find safe, healthy, and sustainable products while you shop. Scan the barcode of more than 50,000 products and immediately see detailed ratings for health, environment and social responsibility. The GoodGuide app provides this information about personal care, household chemical, toy and food products for free on your iPhone / iPod Touch and adds thousands of products every month. By making information about consumer products transparent, GoodGuide’s goal is to help people shop smarter and motivate companies to offer even better products.

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