How to Furnish Your First Apartment

There’s nothing like signing the lease to your first apartment. Now instead of sharing a bathroom with 10 people you do not know, you get to share a bathroom with 10 of your closest friends. Hopefully, you got more space than your dinky dorm room, but how do you tastefully furnish (bed, desk, dresser, chair, possibly a couch?) a space on less than $100?

How to Furnish Your First Apartment

~ Grandparents/parents—Grandparents always have way too much stuff in their houses. Help them liquidate some of that stuff—to you.

~ Salvation Army—I purchased a beautiful folding rattan chair as well as an assortment of vases for less than 10 bucks.

~ Goodwill—Not as cheap as the Salvation Army, but you can still find some good thrift items.

~ Junior League Thrift Shops —Rich people’s junk is your treasure.

~ IKEA—Great place for stylish items, especially sheets.

~ Home Depot and Lowes—If you got the talent and time, make your own bed for less than $30.

~ Rich areas on big trash pick up day —Best bet if you are really broke. Call the sanitation department in your area to find the day that they pick up big trash, like furniture, etc., in the rich area. Got a great couch that way.

~ Your School/University —For your kitchen, how about a nice set of fine dining hall china? On the more legal end, most schools have a store/warehouse where they sell used dorm room furniture. Call the on-campus housing department at your school. Hey maybe you can get your bed from freshmen year!