Five Tips for Finding Black Friday Deals

Like anyone else looking for news these days, head to the outlets that break it first: the blogs. You know your favorite #hautegeeks are already posting about their hit-list and must haves for each sale, so why not take advantage? If you have similar style or brand loyalties to a particular blogger, check their site for some intel on where to find the goods. Blogs are a great source for hidden gems and boutique haunts and chances are you’ll find posts from Black Friday’s past, to give you a better idea of the types of deals you can score.

Don’t limit yourself to one insane day. Many e-tailers, like Amazon, have sales going on throughout the entire week of Thanksgiving. Other online deals run through the weekend, ending after the growingly-popular, Cyber Monday. Sites like Retail Me Not and Cheap Sally host coupon codes year round for online savings and have dedicated pages to the Thanksgiving madness. Check in to see if

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    Hey thanks for the gr8 post….. this tips are really helpful for amateur buyers… Friday is definitely a super buying day as weekend comes next day…… and such tips helps you saving few bucks…. thanks :)

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