Filene’s Basement to Offer Personal Shopping Services

File this under an interesting twist to get shoppers in the door: The discount department store, Fliene’s Basement, is offering personal shopping services in its Aventura, Fl location. The service, which use to only be available to shoppers at high priced department stores, involves working with a fashion “expert”, who will keep a record of your size, important dates, as well as your favorite colors and labels and let you know when something you might like comes in to Filene.

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  1. Sindy says

    While finding the bargain is definitely part of the fun.  There are times in our lifes when we do not have the time.  Tax season for accountants, etc.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have some one else looking for you.  It would be wonderful to have my own fashion expert; but alast the fashion expert might be more of a sales person than a fashion expert.  I would give it a try though.  You never know what you might learn.

  2. anna2389 says

    Interesting – I guess this might make it easier to find the best stuff, but then again they will probably only be pulling the expensive, designer stuff for you! I guess they’re trying to appeal to people who previously shopped at high-end stores and are now forced to scale back.

  3. docdg says

    Ive have done this for women shopping at one of the thrift stores Ivolunteer for and the women LOVE IT…………I have done it just for fun   to me it art   and clothing is wearable
    art         I love what it does for other women…….gives them a lift its fun
    and they feel good about their appearance and themselves   and well me too!!we all win

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