Filene’s Basement Winter Clearance Plus 20% Off With Coupon


The Deal: Winter Clearance Sale, plus 20% off with printable coupon at Filene’s Basement

The Lowdown: Clearance, printable coupon, Filene’s Basement—we feel a cashmere sweater or two in our very near future. Because, if you’re a fan of Filene’s, you know that’s one of the things they do best. There’s also the designer jeans, handbags, and designer suits . . . well, you get the idea.

Of course, all that is assuming you don’t mind doing the required digging to find the deals. A tip: don’t go in with a very specific item in mind—instead think in general categories—and block out enough time to excavate, er, browse. And you will have to shop Filene’s hands-on, as there’s no online shopping (yeah, Angela is still spending all her free time campaigning for a Filene’s in St. Louis). To see if there’s a store near you, visit Filene’s website here.

Shop: Filene’s Basement With Printable Coupon

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