Shop Filene’s Basement for Missoni at up to 80% Off

What: Filene’s Basement is bringing in Missoni for up to 80% Off it’s retail price.

The Lowdown: Missoni, the luxurious Italian label, is arriving in Filene’s Basement stores today with prices as low as $79.99 on items. Shop for dresses, blazers, sweaters, pants, skirts and more all with savings up to 80% off.

What We Say: This is really exciting. Missoni is one of those gorgeous brands that even when on sale, can often be out of our price range. So, when we see numbers like $79.99 in reference to this label, we’re definitely intrigued. Though the high-end of this bargain is still just that, very high, we’re sure you’ll be able to snag some investment pieces (blazers, dresses, slacks) at a huge discount that can last you seasons. Keep an eye out for those classic type pieces that will not go out of style, but of course, if you know you’ll wear one of Missoni’s well-known, bold patterns time and again this is your chance to own it without breaking the bank.

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