FedEx Envelope as Lunch Bag: Recycle This

The innovative bloggers on Make have wowed us just as we were re-committing to taking our lunch to work. Who says you have to carry an aluminum lunch box (unless your construction environment requires it) or kill multiple forests with paper lunch bags? This young lady made her boyfriend a re-usable lunch bag out of a Tyvek Fed Ex envelope. She disassembled the envelope and sewed up the sides (also so glue wouldn’t touch food) and packed her honey a ham sandwich like no other.

Tyvek is water-resistant and doesn’t tear easily, so this bag is going to last awhile. At least until they get another FedEx package and can go to town once again. And the bonus is you’ll look super cool carrying this thing on the train or the back of your bicycle. At least as cool as a bike messenger, for sure.

This bag actually looks big for a lunch bag, which means you can put of a load of other items in this tote as well. Groceries? Bulk grains? Wet clothes from the pool? What would you put in your FedEx bag Budget Eco readers? Give us some more suggestions so we can make use of all of our leftover packaging, not just the party time with bubble wrap. Leave your “mail” suggestion in the comments. We’ll test them, and let you know how they stacked up!

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