Feather Wreath: The Look for Less


photo drumcpherson.com

We’re noticing feather wreaths starting to pop up in store displays and, while they might not be everyone’s taste, they certainly make a striking statement.

But at $40 a pop (from what we could find) we wondered, isn’t there a better way? Well, dear reader, there is. You can make your very own feather wreath for around $10 and in less than 5 minutes, even for the less than crafty.

You’ll need a feather boa in the desired color, a round piece of Styrofoam from a craft store, and some straight pins.

photo drumcpherson.com
Wrap the boa around the wreath form, pinning now and then to hold it in place. Pin the two ends of the boa down on the back of the wreath, then hang in the desired spot and enjoy your handiwork.

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