Reader’s Week Spring 2007: Readers Tell Us Their Favorite Scents

In February, I asked you guys to tell me your favorite scent (for a chance to win free body lotion).  I got so many excellent responses (and now a very long list of fragrances to try), that I decided to post a few during Reader’s Week.  Here’s some of your favorite scents:

I don’t usually wear perfume because I get bored with just one or two
scents….  So I go to certain websites, like and order 5 or 6 different
scent samples that I’ve been dying to try, at about $2 or $3 each plus
shipping.  That way I always have a variety of scents. Colleen W.

My favorite perfume is almost anything by the house of Guerlain. I love the rich creamy vanilla core of their fragrances such as angelique noir, champ elysees, l’instant. It makes me feel comforted and luxurious.  A sniff takes me out of the cares of the cares of the world and reminds me of the beauty around me. Heather B.

I love hollywood pink by mark because…
a. it’s in a cool retro looking bottle
b. it’s cheap!
c. it has notes of chocolate, i mean, what more can you ask for?
d. did i mention it’s cheap!
e. it has a matching body lotion, which, is also, cheap (do you see a theme here?) but keeps you smelling yummy and your skin hydrated… Michele B.

My favorite perfume is Lolita Limpicka.  The reason why it’s my favorite perfume is because it reminds me of how the old strawberry shortcake doll used to smell when I was little.  Beth P.

I found my dream perfume last year after a 6 month hunt to find a location that sold it and the name.  I was in a boutique in Charleston, SC, picked it up, smelled it and had to have it. I didn’t purchase it at the time because I was running low on cash and
figured I could get it at home.  Well, not only did I not remember the name of the store, I couldn’t find the bottle anywhere. I finally stumbled on it here at Takashimaya (yes, a store completely out of my price range, but I had to have it!)  It’s called Bois de Paradis, by Parfums DelRae.  It’s a little pricey (about $120 for 2 ounces or so).  I get compliments all the time on how soft, warm, vibrant and capturing is seems (mostly from men).  It’s the only perfume I’ve ever found that makes me feel sexy and smell uniquely myself.  Paula K

My favorite perfume was Gio by Giorgio Armani . They discontinued making it. I have never received so many complements as when I wore that perfume. Today my favorite is Valentino V. It is light, pleasant, and elegant. It is my new favorite. Amanda C.

My favorite perfume is Happy by Clinique.  I love the combination of the citrus and flowers and I never tire of it.  It’s the first perfume that I’ve ever found that just calls my name!  :)  Michelle C.

My favorite perfume is Shania by Stetson.  I have several that I use, but I love Shania because my boyfriend bought it for me because he knows that I love Stetson for Men, and he thought this way we would “match” . Amanda Y.

My favorite perfume is called Byzance because I think it just smells wonderful.  It comes in a beautiful cobalt blue bottle with a hint of fuchsia on the ribbon, makes me feel confident, fresh-smelling but not in an overpowering nose attacking way, and I happen to wear it on days that become my favorite days because of the friends who surround me and the laughs we have… and have had in the past. Nancy S.

My favorite “perfume” is Gray Flannel. I know it’s a man’s cologne, but I love the smell. IT’s comforting and rich and perfect for the winter. Laura H.

Laila, because it’s so unique. From Norway, not too heavy – light and
different. Actually originally found it in Epcot Center at Walt Disney
World in the Norway pavilion. Gay B.

My favorite perfume is really a refreshing mist. It K. Hall’s Pomegranate
Body Spray . It has just the right amount of fragrance, not too light or too heavy. Barrie P

My favorite perfume is Christian Dior’s Hypnotic Poison. I love this fragrance because it is a perfect match for my body chemistry. Hypnotic Poison is perfect year round and has an exotic distinctive smell. I cannot smell the fragrance on my body once it dries. People stop me on the street to ask what I am wearing, especially men. When I wear Hypnotic Poison, I feel like a woman; sexy, confident, irresistible…. pure poison. Sharon P

My favorite perfume is Bath and Body Works Magnolia Blossom. It’s just the right combo of floral and woodsy to me. I always get compliments on it. Close runner up is the Pear Blossom. Angela B.

My favorite perfume if Paloma Picasso.  It is subtle, yet distinctive. Many perfumes are too heavy and floral for me.  I may like a sniff, but they are too much to wear.  This perfume is not like that and suits me well. Mary Alice H.

My favorite perfume is Chanel #5 as it makes you feel “luxurious” and like you can compete with the most “classic of classic”. Linda T.

I love Vera Wang’s parfume, it is my absolute favorite! It is perfect for day or night and the scent never fails to make me feel happy and sexy…not too many things you can say that about! :-) Tracey B.

My favorite perfume is dolce & gabbana (in the red box). when my husband and i split, this perfume had just come out. i smelled it in a magazine ad. something drew me to it, and having been recently separated, i wanted a new start with everything. i headed into nordstrom, tried the scent, and splurged. Lori

My favorite perfume is Philosophy’s Amazing Grace.  It’s incredibly sweet and feminine without being too overwhelming.  It’s a very clean scent, and anyone who smells it on me loves it. Plus they have an Amazing Grace shampoo, body wash, conditioner, and lotion so you can layer your scents. Wonderful! Gretchen G

I am wearing Acqua di Gio` by Giorgio Armani . I love the smell, it’s quite tantalizing. It’s soft but yet powerful. Years ago as I was growing up my mother wore Gio, it was the best scent ever. She kept her perfume in the fridge to preserve the scent. She would leave for work in the early morning; I would sneak and wear the perfume to school.  Bianca T.

My favorite perfume is Juicy Couture!!  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!  It seems SO good!!  It’s not sweet and not too flowery.  It reminds me of a warm summer day………..and considering that we here in Colorado have had 9 straight weeks of snow – I needed it!!!! Teresa G.

My favorite perfume actually isn’t a perfume – it’s a man’s cologne. It’s Blue Jeans by Versace, and the scent is lovely – not too strong, and really enticing! I wear it because my husband does, and it makes me comfortable when he’s away on any of his trips. I get more compliments on this than perfume directed at women that I’ve ever worn! Sammy S

My favorite perfume is Chance by Chanel because it is appropriate for almost any occasion and smells timeless (in my opinion!).  It doesn’t smell like a fad, or like every other perfume out there, as some of the newer perfumes do.  I find it boosts my self confidence! Amy A

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    I am so glad I found your blog.  I am a Fragrance Designer for Urban Botanic and am always looking for what women love.  My favorite is a blend that I made for myself with Cedarwood, China Musk and a hint of pear.  Mmm Good

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