Faucet Water Filters: Go Green

Do you remember the last time you drank tap water? You just might…tap water use is on the rise and those oh-so-yesterday plastic water bottles are on their way out.

According to Tappening, an organization focused on promoting the virtues of tap water, “the lousy economy may be accomplishing what environmentalists have been trying to do for years: wean people off the disposable plastic bottles of water that were sold as stylish, portable, healthier and safer than water from the tap.”

The environmental cost of water:

According to a recent report from NPR’s Morning Edition, in 2007, Americans bought more than 4 billion gallons of water in individual-portion bottles. Only twenty-three percent of those were recycled.

And imagine all the oil it took to create those plastic bottles, or deliver them to the store, or to your house.

The financial cost of water:

Water delivery for a four person family can cost upwards of five hundred dollars a year.

It would cost upwards of four hundred dollars a year for one person drinking sixty-four ounces of bottled water a day.

All that money and waste, for a product we can not only get for free, but a product that is more regulated and better tested.

We know some of you are thinking, “but my tap water doesn’t taste very good. It’s minerally, heavy, etc.” Why not try a faucet water filter? For less than fifty dollars, you can attach a water filter to your faucet, and purify straight from the source. Pur and Brita are two popular brands.

Save money, help the environment, gain back common sense. Tap water…it’s what’s in your water bottle!

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