Fashism: Thousands of Peronal Stylists at Your Finger Tips

The Lowdown: Laura reviews Fashism, an online “lookbook” that’s like TLC’s “What Not to Wear,” but way, way nicer and more helpful!. Style queens (or wannabe style queens at least) can browse a real-life “look book” on Fashism.com. Add your own looks to the gallery, for all to see and judge, or just share your two cents on the looks of others.

Our Review: Ever spend five hours in front of the mirror, trying on fifty different things, only to end up wearing the first thing you tried on? Of course you have, and you’re far from alone. Fashism.com features a community of second guessers just like you, and every day, they get together to swap fashion advice – virtually.

So here’s how it works: Head to Fashism.com, take a picture of yourself posing with a new dress or hairdo or bold outfit, and upload it to the site. Then the Fashism community will get to voting and commenting – voters can “like” or “hate” a look or choose one look over another. As a voter, you can browse “hottest,” “newest,” or “most discussed” looks, and then start voting. Over time, users acquire reputations as good dressers or good advice givers.

The Verdict: We Love it. While “Project Runway’s” Michael Kors may have a funny take on a random runway look, there’s very little we can do with such information. The good news is Fashism’s users are often just as funny and insightful as Kors but way more accessible. So, before you head out of the house in that fierce little number you so carefully put together, find out if it’s really all that fierce from your sassy friends over at Fashism.com.

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