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It’s summertime, it’s hot and that means it’s time for bare legs, ready or not! I’m all for skirts and summer dresses, but they’re not always the best choice when pushing my son on the swing or following him up the jungle gym at the playground. So lately I’ve been wondering, what is the ideal length and style of shorts for moms?

Now, when I say “mom shorts” I don’t mean “Mom Shorts,” as in the entry in Urban Dictionary that reads:

Mom shorts are shorts that are ridiculously tight and often worn by moms.
Used to make their kids embarrassed.

Often cause camel toe.
E.g., “Don’t come over, my mom’s wearing Mom Shorts!”

Celebs like Scarlett Johansson have been seen rocking the high-waisted, often pleated and belted shorts in shades of acid-washed denim, but that look can be hard to pull off. So really, I’m talking cute, comfortable shorts with more coverage than the Daisy Dukes I used to wear in high school, and ones that can be dressed up with the right accessories such as wedges and a long necklace.

So I reached out to Utah-based stylist, fashion blogger and mom of four Jen Clyde, who has been obsessing over knee-length shorts in her blog Jen Clyde Stylist for the last few weeks, for some tips on how to rock the look.

“Being a mom of four really busy kids, I can’t really wear the short-shorts because that just wouldn’t be pretty when I am bending over tying my child’s shoes at baseball practice, so I usually go for the longer shorts that can be worn with everything but are still funky and cute,” says Clyde.

This is an easy look to do on a budget, says Clyde. She recommends starting with a pair of old jeans or colored skinnies. “They don’t need to be expensive. Try T.J. Maxx or Ross,” she says. “Cut them two inches below the knee and cuff them twice to hit right above the knee. The color keeps them fresh and the cut is right for mommy life.”

Not so brave with the scissors? Clyde recommends styles from Topshop and J. Crew. “J. Crew really gets it right with their soft, comfy nine-inch chino shorts in four fun colors–chic but mommy- friendly. And they are, amazingly, on sale for under $40!”

See below for mom shorts that are anything but “Mom Shorts!”

Fashionable Mom Shorts

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