Earth-Friendly Shoes for Fashionable Feet: Green Fashion

Sometimes living the green lifestyle feels like it requires a strict regimen of overalls and tatty Birkenstocks. Alas! It’s not so. Designers everywhere are churning out earth- and fashion-friendly shoes. From patent pleather to surprisingly hip hemp, we have some eco-conscious kicks for your not-so-hot-on-hippie-sandals feet. From the elegant (but pricey) Taryn Rose Verde collection to the less painful price tags at online shops like Vegetarian Shoes and Bags and Alternative Outfitters, you can show off your toes this spring in style – and the cows will thank you.

Reminiscent of Christian Louboutin, the Village Black Canvas Wedge by Madden (pictured above) features a towering platform, mary jane strap, and peep toes. Vegan vixen at its best – and they sport a very un-Christian price ($48.95).

The Madden Girl Addey Black Peep Toe Vegan Wedge is your pedicure’s new best friend. We love it for the shiny patent pleather upper and the bright print platform. Just what you need to spice up that (organic cotton) little black dress or jeans and a tee ($39.95).

Retroistas, grab your budget spreadsheet and do the calculations – these are shoes you’ll want. For vegan footwear you can wear to work or to play or to clean your house (maybe you vacuum in pearls, how would we know?), take a gander at the turquoise patent pleather Vegan Sling Back pump with white piping ($34.99).

And don’t worry, the guys can get in on this one, too. Does your man insist on crocs? Does this make you want to keel over and die? Buy him a pair of Veggie Vogs from Fluevog. Made of hemp, they’re vegetarian shoes and far more stylish than anything else he’s got going on in the closet. Bonus: they’re unisex, so if you share a size, feel free to steal. On sale for $49.

Check out our forum to learn about Paige’s favorite earth-friendly shoe, and let us know about your own.

Image courtesy of Alternative Outfitters

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