Fashion Week Spring 2008: Yea or Nay?

Yes, my loves..
New York City Fashion Week 2008 is now upon us.

For like the 8th time (no joke), I’ll be reporting from the tents and focusing, as usual, on how to get the trends for less.  I really struggled with whether I should attend this fashion week because, like everything in our world, it has become so celebrity focused and so over exposed (who isn’t covering fashion week??). One show I went to was 45 minutes late cause people were trying to interview celebrities. At another show, Ashlee Simpson sat front row, but refused to be interviewed or photographed by the press.

The only reason that a celebrity attends a FW show is to be photographed or to support the designer or both. Most celebrities and socialites get private showings at the designers showroom. Editors like Anna Wintour, Andre Leon Talley, etc have stopped going to all, but a few key shows.

So is fashion week really necessary? It used to be the time where all the press and buyers can see a collection at once.. but with the rise of the internet, does everyone really need to be in NYC to report on the trends?  Especially when everyone writes pretty much the same thing?

Fashion Week: Yea or Nay?