Fashion Advice: Taking Care of Cork Heels

Dear Budget Fashionista,

I have a pair of Oh Deer! Garbo (the spittin’ image of the Christian Louboutin Bruges down to the red sole) that I got for a steal on QVC.  Anyway, how do i care for the cork? Do i seal it and make it water-resistant with a spray? Or since cork is porous do I leave it as-is? I live in MI and while I will not be wearing these trudging some place uphill both ways in 10-ft of snow, I want to make sure I’m covered.

Answer: Take the shoes to your nearest cobbler and have them put a clear sealant on the cork—should cost more than $10 for the pair. Cork can rot if not properly protected, and having a cobbler do this will make sure it’s done right.

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  1. TBF says

    Sorry.. My bad… I’m not sure where I got $69.95.. I was looking for a pair of *real* cork shoes to use as an example..

  2. Jenn P says

    i got them on QVC a few months ago. i didn’t see them on TV, but i found them on their website when i was searching for black heeled shoes. if you do to and search for item # A1387 you’ll find them. they sell out of sizes fast, but get them soon after. QVC’s price is $59.00. :) yes, they are more expensive at! hope this helps!

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