Fashion Advice: Slimming Down a Bigger Bottom


Dear Budget Fashionista

I am a size 14 and very self conscious of the way I look (because of the size of my hips) and I feel I need to wear long tops or jumpers to cover up. What kind of tops should I wear with long skirts?

A: There’s a tendency for us to think that MuuMuus will some how hide our figure issues, when in reality big oversize shirts add bulk to your frame. Most people don’t realize that tailored tops and blazers actually make you look slimmer by defining your curves. 

Try these tips to slim down your lower half: 

– wear a darker color on your bottom half (black, blue, etc.) and a light color like cream, gray, and white on top. This will draw attention away from your bottom half.

– look for tops blazers that hit you at the bottom of your backside—this tends to be the smallest part of your hip area.

– If your thighs are larger than your hips, then look for longer, duster type jackets. 

– Avoid slim fitting pants and opt for pants that fall straight from the waist or bootcut pants to balance your hips.

The tops you wear with a longer skirt depends on the shape of the skirt. If the skirt is A line, you might want to wear a nice cardigan set. If the skirt is straight, you might want to wear a nice white dress shirt (tucked in) from a store like the Gap or Old Navy. Pair the skirt with a nice pair of heeled boots (to give the skirt a bit of flare) and great accessories like a beaded necklace. All shirts should be fitted and shapely.

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    Don’t forget that you can still wear great colors and accessories on top and accentuate the things you appreciate about your figure. Remember…real women have curves!

    Especially loving the turquoise necklace in todays newsletter!

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