Fashion Advice: Plus Size Evening Dress


Dear Budget Fashionista-

I am a plus-sized woman and was just invited to a black-tie optional event in early December.  I’m 28 and don’t want to look 58.  On top of that, I’d like to cover my arms (or at least the tops- I hate them!) and disguise my huge belly.

Any suggestions?

Answer:  Girl believe it or not, you’ve got options. Look for dresses gather to the side (think wrap dress) and/or so a bit of cleavage. Believe it or not, the more skin you show, the thinner you look, plus everyone will be too busy looking at your fabulous cleavage to notice any “figure” issues.

One of the best shops for fashion forward plus size evening dresses is the site The site offers tasteful evening wear for those who want to be a bit more covered for around the $100 mark.  The Novelle evening dress shown above (available in black and red) covers your arms, has the side gathering, and shows some skin, for around $150.

You can also try the more traditional department stores. Macys sometimes has a fairly good selection of trendy plus size evening wear in select stores (check online as well), but stay away from Lane Bryant (which tends to be way too casual) and Torrid (which tends to be more prom-like).