Fashion Advice: Nylon Dilemma


Dear Budget Fashionista,

I’m a 48 year old hairstylist, who wants to look trendy but not like I’m 20. I wear mostly slacks to work but want to wear skirts. I love the vintage look and have purchased a couple of dresses but I’m told that nylons are a fashion no-no for summer. The problem is my legs are very white and I’ve developed small spider veins, so I don’t feel attractive going bare legged. Tanning is hard because I’m afraid of “age” spots and skin cancer scare, and tanning lotions always look fake. Would I be wrong to wear nylons?

A: You should wear what makes you fell comfortable and confident. If wearing nylons helps you to feel better about your legs and comfortable wearing your vintage dresses—I say go for it. Just promise me you won’t wear the nylons with sandals—that’s a major no-no.

For those days when you don’t want to wear a pair of nylons, try mixing a bit of bronzing powder/cream (Wet n’ Wild makes an excellent bronzing cream) with a bit of lotion and smoothing it on your legs or using a products like Jergen’s Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer. If the dress is past your knees, you can get away with using a small amount of fake tanning lotion on your calves and thighs

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  1. says

    I have the exact same problem: I have red hair, which comes with very pale skin, and so I pretty much live in jeans all the time because I hate the look of my pasty legs! I’m in the UK, so haven’t used the Jergen’s cream suggested here, but I do use something similar by Johnson’s – it’s body lotion with a little bit of fake tan mixed in, so it’s really easy to use, and gets rid of the palor. Maybe something like that would be a solution?

  2. Linda says

    I understand what you mean about the veins..having spent many years on my feet as a cosmetologist myself..

    I have discovered in my forties that knee-length skirts and dresses are timeless can make you look taller and leaner and younger and stunning without trying..I saw Valentino on Oprah once and his suggestion for knee-length skirts was the greatest fashion tip I ever heard a designer give a woman besides wearing the proper undergarments/foundations.

    I was admiring a lady’s style during my morning commute who seemed to be very pale-skinned I would say “milky” complexion, and she was wearing black a “knee-length” vintage dress with baby-doll shoes and no nylons.  The black looked elegant rather than morbid and I think it makes a difference on how moisturized the skin is. 

    Also, you did not say what your figure type is, but if you try pantsuits that have a little flair or boot-cut, they tend to look more hip than the regular straight legged types.  Think Karen on Will and Grace. 

    I’m petite and I take my pants to the tailors have them shortened wearing the shoes that I will be wearing them with.

    I love pantsuits, but I love skirts and dresses too.  I make it a habit to check my reflection even if I’m riding the subway. One time I thought that my slightly above the knee skirt hiked up just a little too much (not sexy)and I got rid of it and replaced it with a knee-length version. 

    I hope my input helped. :)Linda

  3. says

    just a note about jergen’s natural glow – i do not have sensitive skin at all and try new beauty products all the time. BUT jergen’s body glow gave me a horrible rash on my legs. really horrible. i am so surprised and disgusted that i googled blogs that have posted on this product to leave comments…ick.

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