Fashion Advice: How to Wear Silver Heels

Dear Budget Fashionista

Is it okay to wear silver shoes with a red cocktail dress?

A: It’s okay to wear a pair of silver shoes with a red dress if:
– it’s knee length or shorter

– you plan on NOT wearing nylons

– if the shoes are at least 2 1/2 in height and of a thinner heel

– if the fabric of the dress is relatively thin—like silk, lightweight rayon, etc,

– if the dress is monochromatic and contains no patterns or prints

– if you have the personality to carry it off. Wearing silver shoe with anything is a making a fashion statement—make sure your personality can handle the attention you will receive.

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  1. The Budget Fashionista says

    I truly don’t mind one bit.. I would rather people ask me that go out looking like a mess…

  2. Jeannette Malatesta says

    I always hate having to be the on-call fashionista to everyone I know, but am I bad, I have to be ‘fashionably correct.’  Thing is, sometimes if they gotta ask…Sometimes you want to say, “Forget it! I can’t teach you a sense of style!”

  3. Susan says

    I have occassionaly asked friends and family about an outfit that I plan on wearing. I am trying to step outside of the box by wearing color and designs. I only own black, brown, or beige color shoes. I recently purchased 2 multi-colored shoes for the summer and WOW! Compliments already, but I had to ask just a few other shoppers in the store and my mom to confirm that I was making a good purchase. I guess what I am trying to say is… Go ahead and get someone else’s opinion. it doesn’t hurt to hear it at all! It’s just an OPINION!

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