Fashion Advice: Help for Smelly, Sweaty Feet

Dear Budget Fashionista,
I really like my ballet flats but they really make my feet smell. I tried putting power in my shoe, but that just wears away in half an hour and creams don’t prevent my feet from sweating. Please help!

Answer: According to Dr. Mehmet Oz there’s a simple cure for smelly, sweaty feet. Soak your feet 30 minutes a day, for a week,  in a pot of brewed tea. Apparently any mild tea works (like Lipton), just make sure you brew enough for a large pot of tea. Dr. Oz states that the tannic acid in the tea helps reduce the smell and sweat.

Also try adding odor and sweat absorbing insoles to your shoes. There’s a company called summer soles that makes insoles in trendy wild prints that also absorb sweat and odor.

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  1. H.B.S. says

    Don’t wear the sames shoes all the time. Rotate 3 or4 pair. After work, take a shower or bath and go barefoot till the next day. It works!

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