Fashion Advice: Cute Moccasins

Dear TBF,

I’m 22 and I work in a hospital lab. Although I wear heels to work, I bring flats with me when I walk a lot. Question,[1] I’m looking for cute, youthful loafers (is this an oxymoron?), where can I find them?

Answer: Target. I purchased the BEST pair of black moccasins (shown above) from Target for less than $25 bucks. Besides being comfortable, the shoes don’t gush out like a lot of moccasins I’ve tried. Payless also carries nice moccasins but the quality of leather, styling, and comfort of their moccasins are no where near the Target moccasin.

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  1. heynow says

    Go to the website, there are several cute flats that don’t sacrifice comfort.  Recommended brands:  Born & Sofft.

    Also the brand Palladium, which is sold on

  2. DivineMsN says

    ITA with Target. I always manage to find super cute and cheap flats when I look for them.  I wind up getting them in more than one color because I love them so much.

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