Fashion Week: Fall 2007-Tights, Tights, Tights

Regular women everywhere can now exhale… Tights will continue to be BIG in Fall 2007. Of the five shows I’ve been to so far (BCBG MaxAzria, GENARTS, Angel Chang, Shelly Steffee, etc.), all featured tights on the runway and not just your average, run of the mill black tights. I’m talking jewel encrusted tights, tights with ribbons along the side of the leg, tights with stretch velvet inserts, and even tights that aren’t really tights but like leggings with feet (leggings will still be big this fall). And of course this tights cost more than your car.

Here’s my advice on how to get this hot new look on a budget.

-Stock up on the gray tights right now at end of the season sales (Target, Wal-Mart, Gap, Lane Bryant, etc are all currently having sales on their tights)

-Add a little embellishment to your white tights by gluing a package of jewels from Michael’s Craft Store on your basic drug store tights. Make sure to put a board or heavy piece of paper inside the leg of the tights so you don’t glue the legs together.

  • Take a very long piece of ribbon (about 1/4- 1/2 inch wide) and weave it through a pair of fishnet tights. (Thanks Miss Meghan for the tip)

    -If you can knit or crochet (or know someone who can), make yourself a pair of tights.

    For those of us who may be a bit more “creatively” challenged, buy great tights in over 45 different colors at


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  1. lulu says

    There’s nothing wrong with normal tights, but these are definitely for the circus. On the street, a person wearing those would be getting looks for all the wrong reasons.

  2. Sandra says

    come on people tights is where it’s at. They are fashionable and can be worn with anything. I think it’s time to get the boys in them next

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