Fashion Trends 2008: Sheer Clothing

What: Sheer is in for 2008

What the fashion heads say: puts it like this: “I’m totally serious. The New Year is about being nearly naked.” That’s as simple as it gets.

What we say: No, as fashionistas, naked isn’t really our thing, but sheer is sweet, feminine, and sexy all at once. So we like it. A sheer blouse, for example, is a great counter-balance to that tailored pantsuit. And it’s okay for the office, if it’s lined or you’ve got an appropriate cami underneath. Remember this, too—if it’s sheer, that’s as sexy as it needs to get for this year’s trend—think demure with a high-collar, or long-sleeves, and forget the plunging neckline. It’s all about illusion, not giving away the goods. We think this tie-neck blouse from Wet Seal does the trick nicely, for only $18.50.