Fashion Trend: The Romper


The Trend: Apparently, at ShopBop (which we still love, by the way) they are craving rompers.

What We Say: Rompers. We mean, seriously? Make no mistake — we are sooooooo not craving them. At all. It’s a garment that reminds us of being 8 years old and riding bikes with our BFF. Which was great. But we would not be wearing rompers as grown women any more than we would be wearing that Holly Hobby t-shirt and those pink jelly shoes we had back then either. The only exception? Possibly if you are between the ages of 16 and 21, and have the body confidence to pull it off. If, and only if, that is the case — here are a couple to consider:

Heart Terry Romper, $14.99 at Charlotte Russe

Tube Belted Romper, $26.50, WetSeal

As for what to wear them with, we’re thinking some flat gladiator sandals? Beyond that, we really have no idea . . .

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  1. Azale says

    I am really curious about the Romper and would love to try it some time.
    I think it’s fun, and hip =)
    Then again, I’m still young, hehe!

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