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Last night on “Fashion Star,” NBC’s new reality competition for aspiring clothing designers, former fourth-grade teacher turned Ziggy Stardust clone Kara Laricks, who faced elimination last week, became the object of a pulse-racing bidding war between Saks and H&M. Upping its bid to $110,000, the two-week-old series’ highest offer, Saks won the right to sell Kara’s whimsical “hi-lo shift dress” for $325.00. Incidentally, contestant Orly Shani’s convertible “zip mini skirt,” Saks’ sole purchase from last week, has now sold out online. Also sold out at Macy’s online are Nikki Poulos’ “kimono sleeve maxi caftan” and Lisa Vian Hunter’s “pleated empire dress,” which only went on sale last night.

The Recap of Fashion Star’s 2nd Episode

Say what you will about its chintzy aesthetic, “Fashion Star” is delivering the goods. According to, “Fashion Star” is the only new reality show of the 2011-2012 network television season to post week-to-week gains in its 18-49 demographic, advertisers’ bullseye.

If “Project Runway” is the meat and potatoes of fashion design, giving viewers a substantive helping of craftsmanship, skill and artistry, then “Fashion Star” is artificially flavored dessert topping. It just wants to get to the good stuff; therefore, process is relegated to a highlights reel montage before viewers are flung back to the catwalk.

As effective at moving product as the series appears to be, it has a serious design flaw in its host, Elle Macpherson, who is a towering figure with minuscule appeal. With her automaton like delivery and off-kilter permanent grin, Elle’s such an awkward fit that one wonders why the producers didn’t make her swap places with bubbly Jessica Simpson, who supplies the show with some of its best dialogue. Last night Jessica told Oscar, the diminutive mad hatter, that she dreamed she’d given birth to him and had to change his diaper. Judging by his pursed glossed lips, Oscar was not enchanted. Jessica’s dream proved to be prescient, however, as Oscar’s latest design, a butt-skimming cape dress, amounted to a big poopy diaper in the minds of all three retailers. Mentor John Varvatos went so far as to describe Oscar’s dress as “hoochie.” Mounting his artistic defense, Oscar replied, “If there’s a little hoochie in me, I’m going to bring it out.” Tragically, Oscar won’t be bringing out his inner hoochie on future episodes, as he was eliminated last night. His tearful parting words were, “If I’ve inspired one human being to be the best he can be, that’s all I’m looking for.” I’ve no doubt the hoochie community was touched like never before.

Alison McDonald is a TV comedy writer, and also the creator of the “She Got Problems” web series. Follow Alison on Twitter: @shegotproblems.

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    Elle Macpherson is one of the most acclaimed models of our time. Not only is she stunningly gorgeous, but has a mind for business as well. She is successful and has worked very hard to get to where she is today. Yes, Jessica is very bubbly and a delight to watch, but I enjoy seeing Elle back in action and think she has done an extremely wonderful job with Fashion Star.

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