Fashion Retailers Look to Makeup


What: H&M, TopShop, and Urban Outfitters are the latest fashion retailers to dabble in the beauty biz. Skin care creams, makeup, and other beauty products are now being put on the shelves at our favorite clothing stores. Although Urban Outfitter’s new makeup line – featuring eye shadows, lip sticks, etc – will only be available in the UK for now, we figure it’ll make its way to the US soon enough.

What The WWD Says:

Clothing collections aren’t the only thing that are retro this spring, as a host of apparel retailers clear racks to make room for proprietary beauty brands.

What We Say: It makes a lot of sense that the apparel industry is trying to find more sources of income. And it also makes sense for shoppers to purchase apparel and beauty products in one place. However, one has to wonder about how high-quality a beauty line coming from an apparel expert can really be. One also wonders what this might do to current beauty and cosmetic giants, like MAC. More competition, cheaper prices?  Bring it on!


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  1. says

    One good thing about having makeup in the stores is it will prompt you to make purchases that compliment the outfit you purchase. The drawback though as you mentioned, is what is the quality of the cosmetic line. I love MAC they were one of the few companies that actually had a foundation to match my skin tone but as far as eyeshadows and lipsticks, I’m not 100% committed to MAC so I think for the staples I will continue to buy MAC but for blushes or fun colors, I would give the new line a shot, afterall, I had to try MAC at least once as a newbie to learn that I like the product.

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