Fashion News Alert: The Hip-T

The Word: Anyone who wears low rise jeans is familiar with the problem of displaying what isn’t meant to be shown off in public. You can re-adjust and tug your jeans up all you want, but unless you’re wearing a long shirt or layers, that kernel of worry creeps in: Can anyone see my underwear? Am I showing too much skin? Two moms from California were tired of this problem, so they invented the hip-T, which is basically fabric shaped like a tube top, except you pull it up around your waist. Available on their website for $19.95, the hip-T comes in lots of different colors. The founders were on the show The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, and they’re growing, reaching retail locations soon.

What We Say: The hip-T creates the illusion that you’re wearing a cami underneath your shirt while eliminating the need to wear layers. In the way that a slip prevents exposure when you’re wearing a dress in the wind, the hip-T can prevent mooning strangers when you bend down or perch on a chair. Low rise jeans aren’t going away anytime soon, so we’re glad someone has found a solution for the problems associated with them. Instead of matching black with black or pink with pink, try putting together contrasting colors to make your outfit pop for summer.

Check out They’re offering free shipping from June 4-12.

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  1. abk_8011 says

    Layering a cami underneath a shirt to prevent any backside blunders is nothing new, especially since longer fitting shirts are all over the place…. but a -fake- cami?? Tacky city!!! It’s like this generation’s ‘dickie’ (is that what it’s called? The fake turtlenecks that my grandmother wears?) Sorry, not chic at all.

  2. lorio says

    I love this! I wore something very similar while I was pregnant called “bella bands” so I could wear my non-maternity jeans unbuttoned, and this tube of fabric over the waist of my jeans that held them up, but looked just like a long cami layer under my shirt. I’m so glad someone came out with this for non-maternity clothing!

  3. Keilexandra says

    A great idea, but not exactly budget. I can get long layering camis for much cheaper—about 1/4 the price—on sale.

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