Fashion Mags On Their Way Out?

What: Fashion magazines are the Pink Elephant in the room right now – as everything moves to the World Wide Web and the recession continues to affect retailers, we have to wonder how much life expectancy they really have. The clock truly is ticking for our favorite style rags. The WDD recently reported that ads dropped drastically for upcoming September issues of Vogue, Self, Glamour, and other notable publications. Meanwhile, InStyle did pretty well, and Forever 21 is actually thinking of breaking into print media. Although it’s not all bad, the worst is probably yet to come…predictions for fall are even more depressing.

What They Say:

“Ads will decrease only because most marketers are panicked right now,” said David Lipman, chief of the agency bearing his name.

What We Say: Seems print mags just need some synergy with their online counterparts, and/or should go mobile.

Do you still subscribe to tangible fashion magazines? If so, which ones and why?

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