We’re Hot on the Heels over What these Popular Fashion Idioms and Phrases Mean

Hats off to You

Ah, got a promotion?  Score an amazing find in your favorite store?  Well,  “hats off to you” for a job well done.  Taking off or tipping a hat  demonstrates respect or approval, so lots of times people use this phrase to offer congrats.  Hold on to your hats ladies, because we’ve lined up a few we can’t resist:

[imagebrowser id=724]

 Cute as a Button

I’ve often wondered about this one.  I mean, kittens (shout out to my 7-month-old tabby, Mango), yes.  Babies, of course.  But what’s so special about a button that makes it cute?  I don’t see pictures of buttons making the rounds on Facebook with the option to “like” if it’s cute.  I digress.  Anyway, looks like the phrase comes from the idea that small = cute (ah, back to kittens and babies again).  There’s also info floating around that this has nothing to do with clothes buttons, but instead, the flower called a “Bachelor’s Button.”  Supposedly, the bud was considered cute and well, the rest is history.  Here are a few places we like seeing buttons:

[imagebrowser id=722]

Flying by the Seat of My Pants

Thank goodness for technology.  Back in the day, before airplanes had fancy control systems, pilots often responded to a plane’s reaction based on feedback they felt (get this) from the seat of their pants (the largest point of contact a person had with the plane).  Seriously.  Well, we have to agree . . . at least when it comes to fashion.  Depending on where we’re going, it’s all about the pants.

[imagebrowser id=718]

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