Fashion Finds $10 and Under

In the name of extreme budget shopping (yes, we’re cashing in the coins in our change jar, too), we’ve been on the lookout for extreme fashion savings, meaning fun pieces you can pick up to suppliment your wardrobe and put a smile on your face at the same time, without spending more than a 10-spot (well, before tax). Here’s what we’ve got so far:

OMG! Charlotte Russe Tee, $10, Charlotte Russe

Women’s Striped Jersey Scarves, $9.50, Old Navy

Pleated Organza Shell, $7.99, Old Navy

Knepshield Ring, $8, Aldo

Xhilaration Clutch with Dog Clip, Purple, $9.99, Target

No Boundaries Women’s Nikki Ballet Flats, $9, Walmart

Have some fab fashion finds for less you’d like to share? Comment below or visit the TBF Forum . . .



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  1. LadyDi says

    Try the new Norma Kamali line at Walmart! I am not usually a Walmart kinda girl, but this stuff is fabulous and runs true to size, not like the usual oversized Walmart clothes. Straight leg low rise jeans for $15, T-shirts $6-10, lots of REALLY cute sweats for the gym, classic wrap dresses and chico type clingy knits. She even has cute heels and handbags for $20. I bought 2 whole outfits for $50!

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