Fashion Advice: To Wedge or Not to Wedge

Dear Budget Fashionista,
I’m considering a pair of wedge heeled boots for everyday wear with jeans.  Am I wasting my money because it’s too trendy?  I need something more comfortable for walking and thought this might be a good alternative, but don’t want to be throwing my money away to look weird next year


Hey Boots-

If you like wedge boots, get them. Yes. wedges are a bit trendy, but here’s how to get the most of the boots before their fashionable demise.

In general, when it come to boots, I wouldn’t focus so much on whether or not they’ll be in style, but whether the boot is comfortable and the boot’s “cost per wear” (price of an item divided by the number of times you expect to wear it in a given time period) is under $2. In the case of a pair of sensible wedge boots (the like the ones above), it’s safe to say that you’ll be able to wear the boots until the beginning of April, which is approximately 150 days or 21 weeks from now.  Let’s say you wear the boots 3 times per week or 60 times from now until April. In order to get the most of these boots during this time period, spend no more than $120 on a pair.  If you focus on finding a boot that is comfortable,  in a basic color like black and brown, and look for a wedge with wider wedge sole (some wedges can be as uncomfortable as a stiletto heel), you will get even more wear, and more value,  from the boots