Dear Budget Fashionista

This morning when I got dressed, I thought I looked rather spiffy.  But when I got to work the 2 girls I work with said I missed the boat.  Tell me if this sounds like it goes together: Plum corduroy nicely fitted blazer, white cami underneath, khaki slacks, and teal suede slingbacks.  The girls are telling me I can’t wear teal shoes because I’m not wearing teal in my outfit.  Am I wrong in my selection, or are they just being narrow-minded?  I would love to hear what you have to say about what I chose to wear today.

Answer: I give you credit for at least trying to put together an outfit that is different, But you and your colleagues are in the fashion wrong. Here’s why . . .

You: Purple blazer and teal shoes- great idea. The khaki pants—bad idea.  The dominant colors in your outfit- purple, teal, and light tan don’t work well together and looks a little “off” to the naked eye. A better option would have been a pair of chocolate brown slacks. Why? Purple, teal, and brown creates what is called a triadic color scheme (three colors equally spaced along a color wheel). Using these colors in the outfit creates a more harmonious color scheme, which in turn looks more balanced.  It is one of the reasons why prints with the dominant colors of purple and teal often have a dash of chocolate brown thrown in to add balance.

Officemates: The whole “matchy-matchy” look is very tired—just pick up any Lucky, Marie Claire, or Vogue and you’ll see that mixing and matching colors and prints is very “in”.