NYC Fashion Week Fall 2011: Farah Angsana

What: International designer Farah Angsana showed her Fall 2011 couture women’s collection at fashion week and we saw it all.

What they said: Angsana sought to bring fantasy and reality together in glitzy designs that made women look elegant and beautiful. With silks and jewel tones inspired by her native Indonesia, she created looks that stepped out of a dream, onto the runway. With only the finest satin, charmeuse and chiffon, Angsana’s fresh designs are perfect for the modern woman who seeks a sensual, chic gown. For Fall 2011, dresses are adorned with eye-catching crystal and sequin patterns, embellished bows and feathered details, a 50-200-hour per-dress time commitment that was well worth the effort.


What we say: Frankly, we’re speechless. The unfathomable beauty of each look that came down the runway inspired cheers and awe-struck stares from even the most seasoned of fashion experts. Not only were the dresses true art, but they were created to flatter a woman’s body. They were sexy, chic and elegant, a combination that’s not easy to come by these days.

We adored the jewel tones Angsana incorporated into her collection, and the fact that she embellished almost every look with more sparkle just added to the allure. The collection ranged from chic party clothes to elegant gowns and ended with a bang: a white, glittering confection that was one of the most stunning gowns we’ve seen all week. This is one designer who is deeply in touch with what women want to wear, who stole ideas from our heads and made them tangible for us to enjoy. This was a sensational collection.

Photo Credit: New York Mag

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