Fall Accessories: Bold Gold


What: Seasonal styles aren’t just about the clothes – outdated accessories can bring your “wow” factor down to “ho-hum,” fast.

What the fashion heads say: This, from Vogue’s fall Accessory File, on the latest way to wear gold: “Gold links get an update with irregular shapes and mixed materials.”

What I say: With fall’s emphasis on strong lines and menswear tailoring, bold-but-feminine jewelry is the way to go. Gold is always a match for fall’s warmer tones, especially against the English countryside tweeds we’ve seen of late. This is no time to be dainty, however: look for pieces with an emphasis on design, and a mix of metal, wood, resin, pearls and more. Banana Republic has it right with this circle link necklace, for $38. Wear it with a fierce suit and soft blouse for the perfect mix of strong and sweet.

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