Five Fall Tips for Traveling for Less


Last Minute Travel

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If you can stomach the quote “the quality of your life is directly related to the amount of uncertainty you can comfortably live with,” then you might like the concept of Last Minute Travel. Typically, most of us need to give our jobs advance notice and a majority of us are probably accustomed to planning out our vacation destinations at least a few weeks ahead of time.

However, what if you could shave off at least half the cost of your trip just by waiting until a week or two before your departure date? It depends on what you think your stress is worth, but knowing that you could travel for less might just be the relaxation you need.


Touted as “flights for every budget,” WhichBudget searches the lesser-known airlines that don’t always get considered when you query through Orbitz, Travelocity or any of your other more well-known engines. The coolest aspect of WhichBudget is that you can simply enter the dates you are considering for travel along with your base location, and it will list every country and cost for flights on those dates. You might be surprised where you can go for less when you don’t travel commercial airlines!

Group Travel

Group Travel

Consider gathering your favorite friend and going on a group vacation. Most vacation destinations have listings for rental houses that can accommodate four-plus people, which means that the nightly rate is split per head rather than by room or body, making this a cost-saving alternative to a hotel at motel or even hostel rates. Plus, you get all the amenities of staying in a house, like kitchen access to save money on dining out, as well as extra room to lounge with the best company money can’t buy.

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