Guest Post: 10 Fall Shows with Really Great Wardrobe Department


The following is a guest post from our friends at Lucky.

The fall TV season is in full swing, and this year’s schedule is packed with series featuring amazing clothes. From established favorites like the totally on-trendGossip Girl to new additions like the ’20-era Boardwalk Empire, we’ve rounded up the top 10 most sartorially intriguing shows on the air.

Mad Men: Three of the most captivating women on television, January Jones, Elisabeth Moss, and Christina Hendricks, look elegant in ’60s-style fashions week after week thanks to the show’s genius costume designer, Janie Bryant.

Glee: This show has inspired a legion of gleeks gaga for the ultra-preppy cardigan-wearing characters Rachel Berry (Lea Michele, above) and Emma Pillsbury (Jayma Mays).

Boardwalk Empire: Set in 1920, flapper fashion is in full force in this new hit drama on HBO.

Nikita: On this new CW show, star Maggie Q plays a sexy assassin whose job involves both butt-kicking and attending black-tie events, where she gets to wear amazing dresses like this eye-catching Gucci number.

Gossip Girl: All the fabulous fashion from the last three seasons continues as TV’s favorite Upper East Siders jaunt to Paris for the summer before returning to New York.

90210: Short skirts, high heels, and lots of color dominate the scene in L.A.’s hottest zip code.

Cougar Town: Everything looks good on the show’s star, Courtney Cox, who plays a recent divorcee back in the singles scene wearing plenty of first-date-perfect dresses.

Better with You: After stylish stints on Privileged and Gossip Girl, JoAnna Garcia(left) returns to TV with this new ABC comedy, where she plays a fashion-savvy New Yorker.

The Good Wife: Married to a former Chicago state’s attorney caught up in a very public sex scandal, Julianna Margulies is a woman rebuilding her reputation–while wearing seriously refined, sophisticated clothing.

Chuck: The beautiful Yvonne Strahovski plays a CIA agent with a seemingly endless inventory of body-hugging cocktail numbers to wear on assignment.

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