Fall 2006 Fashion Week Has Begun: Let’s All Rejoice


International press. Tons of celebrities. Kimmora Lee Simmons. Fall 2006 Fashion Week has officially begun.

This week my coverage from the tents will be sporadic as I’m suffering from a very unfashionable ailment that makes me both bitter and extra judgmental—thus leaving me with zero tolerance for nasty publicists clad in black and pseudo celebs. And, since this is like my 8th fashion week, I’m officially excused from going to the tents everyday. To be perfectly honest, fashion week has really lost its mystique for me—sort of like going to Disney World as an adult. I’m sure the folks at 7th on Sixth are happy about my reduced appearance—they weren’t too jazzed about my previous coverage from the tents (I mean, really, Kelly Osbourne as a fashion designer?).  Apparently, the fashion powers that be aren’t too happy that I tell you not to spend $500 on a pair of khaki shorts and rag on the absolutely ridiculous (but highly entertaining) world of popular fashion. But it doesn’t matter, cause I got my ways and I was able to score some invites to some very interesting shows that make me want to jump out of my sick bed and head to Bryant Square.

By all accounts, it doesn’t seem like I’m missing much . . . not like the time Mrs. Simmons dissed the most fashionable man to ever don a velour track suit, Andre Leon Talley, or lights falling fashion editors/writers. The shows are still more about celebs and less about designers and fashion (unless the designers happen to be celebrities). I mean, what does Lindsay Lohan walking down a runway have to do with raising awareness of Heart Disease in women? The press coverage I’ve read about the Heart Truth show (NY Post, NYT, and various bloggers) has focused more on the fact that Ms. Lohan broke out of rehab long enough to strut down the runway in a fabulous Calvin Klein frock, than on the devastating impact of a very serious disease on women’s health. I wonder how many people outside of the fashion/entertainment world, even knew that the show even exists?

See, I told you I was bitter. Stay tuned for more

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