Fall Fashion Week 2006: Betsey Johnson

There are very few people in the fashion world that I would be willing to drag myself out of my 500 thread ct. sheet-covered sick bed to go see during the circus called Fashion Week. Isaac Mizrahi at Target show—oh yes. Marc Jacobs—I would be there as fast as you could say “Mary Kate Olsen”, and Betsey Johnson—you betcha your crazy blond dreadlocked self.

However, Isaac isn’t showing this FW and my Marc Jacobs invite got lost in the mail. But good ole’ Betsey came through as always, so I found myself trekking past the wall of security guards stationed outside of Bryant Square park, to attend the Betsey Johnson Fall 2006 Fashion Show. And Betsey didn’t disappoint.

The Clothes. Betsy was one of the few designers to show any colors—although this collection was much more conservative than her past collections. Like every other designer, dresses dominated the collection. Unlike every other designer, her dresses were shorter in length (about mid-thigh).

The Show. Betsy always has BANGING music. The type of music that gets everyone on the floor at a club. I’m talking Prince, Neptunes, etc. It was kinda of funny watching the stiff fashion editors and ultra fashionistas try not to tap their feet (apparently, fun isn’t very fashionable). I was a little surprised at the lack of models of color. However, there were plenty of celebs and pseudo celebs in the audience (I was right next to lesbian girl from American’s Top Model). The best part (besides her signature cartwheel) was her tribute to her very pregnant daughter—with banner and pink balloons.

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