The Top Fashion Trends for Fall 2011

Tuxedo Look: The Menswear-inspired Trend

Menswear as a women’s fashion trend has been around since, well, Kathryn Hepburn first rocked a pair of pants back in the 1940s. This season the perennial fashion trend shifts more toward the tuxedo look for evening wear (made famous by the brilliant Yves Saint Laurent). Brands from Express to Forever21 have featured tuxedo pants in their fall 2011 collections.

Fall Fashion trends 2011

Tuxedo Ankle Pants, $59.95 at New York and Co.

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  1. shopaholic_love says

    I think that a maxi dress with a slit is very sexy and sophisticated. I’m so in love with the season’s bright colors, everything from orange to pretty prints! What a great way to make a day brighter and happier.

  2. Sophia says

    I just bought a real suede skirt at CHKD today for $5. Yeah!!! What type of shirt and shoes should I wear with it to accomplish the fall leather trend? I’m only 13 though, so I shouldn’t look too adult.

  3. says

    Amber, I like wearing mid-height heel boots with maxi skirts. It’s nice when I can match the boot leather to my belt. Looks nice and put together without being too matchy-matchy.

    Orange is a great and underrated color, but pale skinned ladies should be careful! I have to be careful with the oranges and orangey-reds on top because they can make me look jaundiced. This is my advice on orange for pale people:
    – Choose only oranges that fall on the red (not yellow) side of the color wheel:
    – Use orange in skirts and pants and accents, not a lot of it near your face. If you do have a dress, wear a black or complimentary blue cardigan and jewelry to mitigate the face-orangeing effect of the top.

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