How to Find Fall Fashion Trends

Fall is the time when shoppers tend to turn their thoughts from summer easy casual fashion to fall’s latest fashion trends. While, we love fall’s fashion, it can be a pain to find out the what trends are in and which ones you should spend your money on. Below are a few tips for finding the latest fall fashion trends.

Head Online. Sites like The Budget Fashionista, Refinery29, and Vogue’s are all excellent places to find our what’s next in. Most of these sites attend New York Fall Fashion Week and publish reports/articles on the latest fall fashion trends.

Watch Designer Fashion Shows Online. Fashion Weeks, the week long events where designers show their latest collections, are held 6 months prior to the actual season. It’s difficult to get an invite for fashion week. However, you can see the fall fashion trends from the runway on sites like, by searching for the designer and the season (ex: “Michael Kors Fall 2011”)

Turn to the Streets. Fashion Designer often turns to the streets to find inspiration for their collections. Marc Jacobs hit big in Spring 2001 with his Steven Sprouse graffiti designed bags by Louis Vuitton. Juicy Couture sweat suits, bear an eerie resemblance to the terry cloth sweat suits worn by early hip-hop artists like LL Cool J. Head to your nearest urban center and observe what the young and hip are wearing, and don your own version of the trend.

Observe Social and Economic Cues. Fashionistas often use outside cues, like the health of the economy, to uncover top fall fashion trends. For example, skirt lengths tend to fluctuate with the economy (skirt lengths shorter when the economy is better versus longer lengths when the economy is poor). Fashionable leather tote bags became popular as more women entered the work place and needed bags to transition from work to play. On that same note, “murses”, designers like Coach and Jack Spade to give men a stylish, masculine bag to carry their smart phones, wallets, and other items introduced male purses.

Hire A Stylist. Hiring a personal stylist is another way to find out the latest in fall fashion trends. While hiring a stylist can be pretty expensive, it can help you discover more about your personal style and give you tips on integrating fall’s latest fashion trends into your wardrobe.