When the whole red and teal combo look started to appear (à la Jessica Alba), I had my doubts. But only in that,“really? Pretzels AND chocolate? Together?” kind of way; the doubt lasted all of 10 seconds before I realized the combo was great and actually addicting.

We’ve put together a few cool ideas to be a red and teal knockout.

Combining Red and Teal

Jessica Alba Red and Teal Fall 2012 Fashion Trend: Paint the Town Red (and Teal)

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Merona Women’s Essential Crewneck Shell Sweater

Merona Women’s Essential Crewneck Shell Sweater, $19.99 from Target

Hit up Target for some of their teal tops, then check out the selection of red pants at Polyvore to rock the Alba. Go all out with a yellow pocketbook and black leather jacket, and get ready for dishing out autographs.