Get Ziggy Wit It: Chevron- The MUST HAVE Print For Fall 2012

Just when we think every print possible has been recycled through the seasonal trend machine, along comes something semi-fresh — the chevron print. So, er, just what is a chevron (you ask in your head, and not out loud, so as to not to call attention to yourself)?

The lowdown: A chevron print is a repeating print that features an inverted “v.” Otherwise known, in fancy circles, as the zig-zag.

Besides showing up in the form of fashion over the years, the chevron does have historical roots in military insignias and heraldry (coat of arms, anyone?), and even before that in ancient pottery and rock carvings. Meaning, basically, that chevron print wrap dress you’re coveting isn’t just cute, it’s an historical reference. Nice.

But we digress — the bottom line is that we’re kind of stoked on the chevron print because it’s a breath of fresh air – cleaner and edgier than the predictable go-to florals in our closet, and somehow funky AND classic at the same time.

If you love it, too, there are plenty of chevron-print dresses, tops, skirts and sweaters to choose from to update those bland summer-to-fall basics and if you’re the type that doesn’t want to invest big in a seasonal trend, add a little funky chevron to your accessories rotation to be on-trend for less.

Fun Ways to Wear the Chevron Print this Fall

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