Fall Blooming Annuals: Budget Gardening Tip

As cooler fall temperatures begin to set in in many parts of the country, summer-blooming annuals and perennials may begin to lose their luster — and even their blossoms. While it is the time to catch up on many gardening tasks before winter comes (including planting spring-blooming bulbs, it’s also a good time to fill in some bare spots that might be left from pulling those summer annuals or pruning or cutting back perennials. Or you can use them to fill up containers that previously held summer flowers.

Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite fall-blooming annuals.

Bachelor’s Buttons

Bachelor’s Buttons, also known as Cornflower, can be planted from seed very easily. They are also a good cutting flower, and can be dried with little effort.


Petunias actually do their best blooming in cool temperatures. They are well suited for either containers or planting in the ground, and can add a splash of red, pink, white, purple, blue, or a combination.

Violas and Pansies

Violas and pansies, such as the name-brand Icicle Pansies, will thrive throughout fall and until a deep freeze occurs; at that point they reach a dormant state, but perk up again as soon as the weather warms a little. Keep them in the ground until springtime for maximum blooms.


These charming little blue flowers are annuals, the seeds of which can be planted either in spring or fall. Be careful where you plant them, however – they will re-seed themselves and you can end up with many more than you intended to!

Photo: Wave Petunias

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