I must admit, autumn is my favorite season by far. Crisp leaves crinkling under your feet (Secret: I seek these out and stomp upon them on purpose), smokey bonfires, oversized hoodies and comfortable leggings. Plus hot apple cider and delicious pumpkin pie…I could go on forever.

Below I’ve listed five beauty products that every woman should own and use throughout autumn. They’ll help keep your skin and hair looking glowy, healthy and super pretty.

Fall Product Must Haves!

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Anti-Aging Body Oil

Anti-Aging Body Oil, $36 from Marie Veronique Organics
We've already covered the fact that drier air means drier hair. It also means dryer skin. So, in addition to conditioning your hair regularly, you should moisturize your entire your body. I prefer a body oil over lotion since it tends to soak deeper into the skin and the fragrance usually lasts longer, too. Be sure to apply after every single shower.