What: Fall fashion line-ups are punctuated with – dare I say it? – shoulder pads. Two words that inspire horror in those of us who remember the 80s all too well.

What the fashion heads say: This from style.com: “

The bold shoulder barged its way onto the Fall runways, where both forties and eighties revivalism came on strong. Those decades witnessed the broadening of opportunities for women, who projected their newfound power with padding.”

What I say: Despite my initial misgivings, I can see the merit of a reasonable shoulder pad in creating structure and making a bit of a power statement. Moderation would be key, and I wouldn’t revamp the whole wardrobe to reflect the trend. Instead, if you’re feeling the need to channel your inner CEO, pick a classic piece or two, amped up with a little strategic padding. Where to start? How about this beautiful Donatella belted trench, available at Macy’s.