Pantone’s Fall Fashion Color Trends for 2012

Bright Chartreuse

Bright Chartreuse – Chartruese is kind of like the an unexpected crush. You never knew you liked it, and yet you may find you feel drawn to it somehow. Well, this fall will be the perfect time to see if there’s any chemistry between you two! While divine on some, Chartreuse is definitely not for everyone. You’ll know the minute you try it on whether it’s meant to be (kind of like a first kiss). No matter how big your crush, it’s good to start slow. Wear a chartreuse tank with an all neutral outfit or buy a chartreuse scarf until you’re ready to make a bigger commitment. You know what they say about colors? There’s plenty of ‘em in the rainbow! And if you and Chartruese are not soul mates then perhaps an Olympian is what you need….

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