Fall 2010 Fashion Trend: Jeggings

Tacky is now trendy.

Sienna wears them to the grocery store, Whitney Port wears them at Diane Von Furstenberg and Kate Bosworth wears them out with her boyfriend. Jeggings, much like their once-ugly-now-trendy footwear sister, clogs, have evolved from an item people who care about fashion used to scoff at to an item people who care about fashion MUST own.

For those of you who don’t know: Leggings+Jeans= Jeggings. Even Wikipedia seems to have acknowledged their presence. It’s one of this season’s hottest trends, one that has been embraced by celebrity and ordinary clientele alike.

There’s simply one golden rule when donning these slinkies: Always keep your backside covered. We don’t care if you look like Gisele from behind, wearing jeggings with a tucked in shirt is like wearing leggings with a tucked in shirt (now you get the picture). It is simply not a good look. However, you should check out other, non-denim, versions of the trend- including prints, military-inspired, and gray versions.

Here are our top budget picks for this fall’s hot Jeggings trend:

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  1. says

    I totally agree with your jeggings ‘rules’ above about NOT showing the backside.. but why oh why do we continually see women committing this hideous crime on our streets? Ladies, jeggings, leggings, what ever you want to call them, are NOT pants, jeans or trousers.. so don’t wear them as that.

  2. Blue says

    If these shouldnt be worn with the butt showing, why post most of your pics with the butt showing? Jean-Leggings (I am not going to use the J word) are ugly.

  3. Charly says

    I love legging/jegging trend! I am really into leggings with cutouts…adds a funky flavor to a pair of black leggings. Check out the ones from Leyendecker LA, total must have for Fall.

  4. says

    I love the idea, and look at them all the time in the stores, but it seems like if your thighs aren’t perfectly proportioned then they just seem to make you look heavy.

  5. says

    The rock star Old Navy ones are really nice. For me, they are more like thigh-friendly skinny jeans. I would never wear them without boots though where I’m located, boots are worn most of the year.

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