A few month’s back, I wrote about how I saw the Proenza Schouler for Target collection and just wasn’t impressed. I liked Paul and Joe. I thought Luella was fun. I even gave Behnaz a few props for her evening dresses. But the PS line for Target’s Go International line is as bad as an out-of-tune contestant on American Idol. The quality of the fabric is bad, the construction is way below Isaac Mizrahi at Target, and the mixture of textures (a pleather+canvas+plastic bag? UGH) is just plain tacky.


A long line of New Yorkers (including yours truly) trekked downtown to see the collection at Opening Ceremony. The temporary store was PACKED to the hilt with New Yorkers snapping up PS items. It didn’t matter that the items were tacky and poor quality, in fact, my friend asked a woman, who “gently” pushed us aside to grab that purple PS bag (the Nays were right, the bag looked cheap), why she liked the bag and the woman couldn’t give one solid reason why she liked the bag other than it was PS. I would guess that most of the women in the shop couldn’t tell you why the liked the items they were purchasing.

Here’s the deal my friends… a designer names means nothing if it’s tacky and of poor quality. Spend your hard earn dollars on a black pencil skirt from the IM at Target line or a pair of cute Mossimo sandals. Not on a ill fitting, blue silk bustier.


Not all was bad. The swing coat (the one I liked), was cute but a little tight across the chest for me and the blue and white empire tie dress (shown in the ads) was actually nice and looked like something that could have come straight from BCBG Max Azria.