Fashion Week: Fall 2007-  Proenza Schouler ‘s Spring Line at Target

A few month’s back, I wrote about how I saw the Proenza Schouler for Target collection and just wasn’t impressed. I liked Paul and Joe. I thought Luella was fun. I even gave Behnaz a few props for her evening dresses. But the PS line for Target’s Go International line is as bad as an out-of-tune contestant on American Idol. The quality of the fabric is bad, the construction is way below Isaac Mizrahi at Target, and the mixture of textures (a pleather+canvas+plastic bag? UGH) is just plain tacky.


A long line of New Yorkers (including yours truly) trekked downtown to see the collection at Opening Ceremony. The temporary store was PACKED to the hilt with New Yorkers snapping up PS items. It didn’t matter that the items were tacky and poor quality, in fact, my friend asked a woman, who “gently” pushed us aside to grab that purple PS bag (the Nays were right, the bag looked cheap), why she liked the bag and the woman couldn’t give one solid reason why she liked the bag other than it was PS. I would guess that most of the women in the shop couldn’t tell you why the liked the items they were purchasing.

Here’s the deal my friends… a designer names means nothing if it’s tacky and of poor quality. Spend your hard earn dollars on a black pencil skirt from the IM at Target line or a pair of cute Mossimo sandals. Not on a ill fitting, blue silk bustier.


Not all was bad. The swing coat (the one I liked), was cute but a little tight across the chest for me and the blue and white empire tie dress (shown in the ads) was actually nice and looked like something that could have come straight from BCBG Max Azria.

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  1. says

    I saw the line yesterday at my Target in the Bronx.  I can say that it was a disappointment.  I loved the Paul and Joe, but was disappointed w/Behnaz.  The reaction that I saw from other ladies shopping in the store was lukewarm at best. Who is coming in next?
    PS also had a lot of navy and black combinations, which is currently in Isaac’s collection as well…but I think that I did it better.

  2. says

    I saw the line yesterday at my Target in the Bronx.  I can say that it was a disappointment.  I loved the Paul and Joe, but was disappointed w/Behnaz.  The reaction that I saw from other ladies shopping in the store was lukewarm at best. Who is coming in next?
    PS also had a lot of navy and black combinations, which is currently in Isaac’s collection as well…but I think that IM did it better.

  3. eschreit says

    Went to a local Target to check things out…

    I am in complete agreement that certain items in the line look, well, not so great—I ordered the silk bustier online and it was a size too small, but only in the bust.  I know that when I’m going to try on the medium (because I know I will want to), it’ll completely obliterate any appearance of a waistline.  I also wasn’t too impressed by the T-shirts—they looked flimsy and shapeless—or the miniskirts and pencil skirts (the minis were disturbingly short and looked too junior for my taste, and the pencil skirts looked like you would have to hobble in order to walk more than two steps).

    That said, there are some good pieces—both A-line skirts with piping down the seams fit very well and are flattering, and the palm-print jacket is a great little piece for spring.  The bustier dress, though quite blousy below the empire waistband, is lovely (and when I cinched my waist with a wider belt I was able to make the sillouhette more flattering without any unsightly bunching underneath the waistband).

    It’s probably not worth the hype that has been given to it (and certainly not worth trying to find on eBay), but there are some pieces worth looking into.

    Thanks for the FYI on the bag—I thought the navy one looked really cute, but if its pleather?  No thank you…

  4. Black Girl Superstar says

    I never liked Proenza Schouler much anyway. I saw the two guys who run it in “Seamless” and they seemed obnoxious and full of themselves, not to mention the clothes were definitely not all that. I got annoyed watching the film and seeing everyone kissing their asses like their designs were the most amazing things ever.

  5. B. says

    I got to see the pieces in person today.  I wasn’t able to try anything on yet, but the handbags said it all for me.  They were so cheap looking, and the two suede clutches… what’s the point?  They were so basic they could have been from anyone’s line.  I’m going back to try on a couple of things, but I don’t have high expectations about the clothes.

    TBF—You totally called it.

  6. Liz says

    Any ideas why only a small portion of the stuff from the previews are on the site? Have they all sold out already or are they just releasing the items in stages?

    Each time Target comes out with these lines, I inevitably get really frustrated because it seems there are several items showcased in magazines (such as Teen Vogue) that are never seen again in either the website or the stores. Why can’t they be consistent with their own advertising!

  7. BC says

    My feeling about all of the GO international lines are that they are very cute, but not for “grownups.” Besides being cut small and made from inferior fabrics as you pointed out, they are hardly workplace appropriate in most cases, and while they may look great on the quite thin and tall models (animated no less!) on the Target website, they aren’t going to hang the same on me!
    Except for one or two pieces that might be cute, I’ll leave this stuff to the high school girls, and stick with the IM line. A tip-off should be the “junior” sizing, 1-3-5-7-9, which I haven’t worn since maybe college!

  8. sara says

    I admit that I do like the navy and black dress from the Proenza collection, enough to squeal when I saw it.  I’m too busty to pull it off, but I do like the color combination.  I think the lines on the Proenza collection are better than collections past, the pieces look better proportioned to me.  All the prices are a bit high for me right now, but when it goes on clearance in a few months I may be interested…

    Am I missing something with the IM line?  I try pieces on but most seem cheap to me and don’t fit well.  I wish I could pull them off, the price point is good, they just don’t work on me.

  9. Erin says

    I’ve checked out the Proenza line in the store and online and I have the same feelings about this line and I did with the other Go designers – the ads look great and there are some cute pieces/styles and the quality is usually not too bad, but the fit/style is too juniors (tons of miniskirts)My local store doesn’t get a lot of the dresses or other stuff in the ads.

    I did buy the purple bubble dress in store – It was unique and pretty flattering on me and I love purple! (It definitely ran small in the bust and probably wouldn’t have looked good on someone with to big of a chest) I also ordered and just received a purple silk cap sleeve. It looked really unflattering on the model, but since I love purple, I took a chance and ordered it. There’s nothing earth shatteirng or particularly innovative about it, but it was flattering and pretty and workplace appropriate.
    I also want one of the swing coats – I tried one one and it was very cute – the sizing was a little more generous on these.
    I would appreaciate a little more sophistication and creativity, though, from future designers. (And fewer miniskirts)

    I love IM, but the sizing can be terrible. The clothes seem to be designed sometimes for someone with no curves. Lately, the IM pants I’ve tried on have been so unflattering to my curvy hips. There have been lots of items I love but have had to pass on because they seemed to be designed for someone for my exact opposite body type – things tend to be too tight in the hips and shoulders/arms, but too big in the waist. I’ll keep trying the stuff on because the suits (when they fit) are great for work!

  10. Tracie says

    I finally was able to get to my Target to check out the new line.  I got the a-line skirt with the white piping and a short sleeve white top that was pretty cute. I didn’t think the pieces looked too cheap but I always check out whats left when it goes to clearance.

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